ZetaClear ingredients.

One of the best ways to choose the most effective nail fungus product is to look at the list of ingredients included. Due to the fact that ZetaClear is a two-step product it is worthwhile to look at both product formulations in order to better understand how it works. The formulation of ZetaClear topical solution consists of a total of 7 different ingredients. The main component in this product is Undecylenic Acid and 6 natural oils, which are all known to have some anti-fungal properties. After reviewing all of these ingredients it can be said that they were quite well selected and as a combination should definitely work effectively to treat nail fungus for most people.

The other product of ZetaClear is a homeopathic oral spray, which consists of a total of 6 main ingredients. A combination of these ingredients is designed to work from the inside and help you fight nail fungus more effectively. While it is quite difficult to evaluate effectiveness of any homeopathic remedy it can be that using this spray alone would probably not cure your condition or it would take a lot of time to do so. However when it is used in combination of ZetaClear nail solution this spray can definitely speed up your treatment time by fighting fungus from both inside and outside. It is also worthwhile to mention that all of the ingredients found in both of these products are natural and will not cause any side effects. You can find a full list of ingredients in both ZetaClear products and how they work bellow.

Ingredients in ZetaClear Nails Solution.

  • ingredients-in-zetaclear-nail-solutionUndecylenic Acid. This is ingredient is one of a few components that are actually approved by FDA for treating both toenail and finger fungus. The main reason why it works is because it has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features. It can be used alone or it can be found in many OTC remedies for this condition.
  • Clove Oil is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-fungal features so it is no surprise why it is included in ZetaClear formulation.
  • Lemongrass Oil. This oil has antiseptic properties, which can be effective in killing bacteria that cause fungus.
  • Vitamin E Oil is quite commonly used as a home remedy for treating nail fungus. The main reason why it is thought to be effective for this condition is because it contains high levels of antioxidants. Due to this it can enchase healing of affected skin and promote new healthy nails.
  • Jojoba Oil. While this oil doesn’t have very strong anti-fungal properties like tea tree oil it is a great moisturizer and can improve condition of affected skin.
  • Almond Oil con provide your skin with fatty acids and it is also rich source of vitamins; therefore it can be beneficial in treating many inflammation conditions and skin problems.
  • Tea Tree Oil is one of the best rated oils when it comes to treating nail fungus. In fact you can find many resources online that suggest using it as a natural home remedy for getting rid of this condition. Also there are quite a lot of testimonials of users who claim that they noticed improvement after using this oil. Tea tree oil works for this condition because there are compounds in this oil that can kill fungus and bacteria.

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Ingredients in ZetaClear Oral Spray.

  • ZetaClear-spray-ingredientsAntimonium Curdum (200C). This homeopathic ingredient can help to eliminate discoloration of nails and minimize sensitivity under your nails.
  • Mancinella (30C). This component can be effective in minimizing discoloration of nails.
  • Nitricum Acidum (30C). This homeopathic ingredient is effective in minimizing pain, burning sensation as well as soreness. Furthermore Nitricum can lessen sweating of both feet and hands.
  • Sulphur (12X) is mainly included in ZetaClear spray for its anti-itch and antiseptic features. Due to these features it is also quite commonly used for treating nail ulcers and minimizing feet itching.
  • Thuja Occidentalis (200C). While this ingredient is more commonly used for wart treatment it can also greatly improve the health of your nails.
  • Arsenicum Album (200C). This ingredient can be helpful in treating nail discolorations and it is quite commonly included in remedies that are aimed at treating skin related conditions like warts.

Other ingredients (inactive): Purified water & Alcohol (20%).