Tea Tree Oil and Nail Fungus.

The Main Benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most popular and widely used essential oil for treating various conditions at home. The main reason why this oil works so well for so many conditions is because it has anti-viral, antiseptic as well as anti-fungal features. Anti-viral properties allow treating conditions like flu and colds effectively simply by adding a few drops of this oil to your bath. Anti-septic properties make Tea Tree Oil beneficial when applied either on burns or cuts. Anti-fungal features makes this oil an effective remedy for conditions like nail fungus, yeast infections, Eczema and Athlete’s Foot.

Does Tea Tree Oil actually work for Nail Fungus?

In order to provide the answer to this question it is important to look at the studies that were done on Tea Tree Oil. The main aim of the first study was to test whether Tea Tree Oil is as effective for treating nail fungus as antifungal cream (prescription). This study lasted for three months and participants used 100% pure Tea Tree Oil. Results showed that this oil is as effective as prescription cream and at the end of the study ~60% of participants had success with this remedy.

The next study tried to compare effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil (100%) and topical antifungal medication. There were a total of 177 participants in this study and the whole trial lasted for 6 months. After this study was over, results showed that Clotrimazole solution (1%) and Tea Tree Oil are both effective for treating this condition and can provide users with similar results.

tea-tree-oil-toenail-fungusOne more study tried to assess whether a cream formulated from Bcreutenafine Hydrochloride (2%) and Tea Tree Oil (5%) was effective for treating toenail fungus. This study lasted for about 4 months and there were a total of 60 participants. After the study was over results showed that this cream was effective for ~80% of participants and they had some improvement in their nail condition.

To summarize results of these studies it can be said that Tea Tree Oil is certainly an effective remedy for treating nail fungus. While it doesn’t work for all users it has quite high success rate and for this reason it is definitely worthwhile to look for treatments that at least include this oil in formulation.

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Directions on how to use Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus.

In case you are planning to use Tea Tree Oil for treating Nail Fungus Treatment it is best to apply 100% solution. For the best effect it suggested to apply this oil at least two times daily. Simply add a few drops of this oil on surrounding skin and affected nail itself. In most cases results are noticeable within a month of usage; however it is important to keep applying this oil for about 6 months in order to completely get rid of nail fungus. If the treatment is discontinued too quickly this might mean that fungus might reoccur.

Since Tea Tree Oil is a popular remedy for nail fungus and its effectiveness is confirmed in a few studies you can find this oil included in most OTC remedies for this condition. You can find it in some well rated treatments like Funginix, ZetaClear and others. So you can get all the advantages of this oil and some additional benefits from other ingredients by choosing one of these OTC remedies.

Are there any Side Effects?

Before using Tea Tree Oil it is important to know that it shouldn’t be used orally since it might cause some serious side effects. On the other hand when this oil is used directly on the skin it is completely safe and will rarely cause side effects. Despite that it is possible that this oil might cause side effects such as swelling or skin irritation. The usage of this oil while being pregnant or breastfeeding has mixed recommendations, so for this reason it might be worthwhile to consult with a doctor prior to using it in these conditions.

What do consumer reviews say?

Since Tea Tree Oil has a lot of benefits and it is used for different purposes it is a bit difficult to find consumer reviews for using it precisely on Nail Fungus. However since Tea Tree Oil is very popular remedy it is possible to find a couple of positive testimonials from actual consumers. Read a few reviews of users who used Tea Tree Oil for treating Nail Fungus below.