PurNail review.

What you should know about PurNail?

PurNail-Fungus-Treatment-reviewPurNail is a tropical solution designed to treat nail fungus, which is present either on fingers or nails. The formulation of this treatment contains some of the best recognized ingredients that actually work on fighting fungus infection. By using this solution twice per day you can not only get rid of this infection, but also significantly improve the look of both affected nails and surrounding skin.

What ingredients are included?

There is only one active ingredient included in formulation of PurNail, which is Undecylenic Acid (10%). It is FDA approved ingredient for treating nail and toenail fungus, due to its strong antibacterial and antifungal features. Due to this it can be assumed that Undecylenic Acid is both safe and effective for treating nail fungus.

There are also additional inactive ingredients included in PurNail formulation. These include: Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, SD-Alcohol 40B, Glycerin, Aqua, Sunflower Seed Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Cetyl Alcohol and Polysorbate-20.

From these inactive ingredients it is worthwhile to distinguish Tea Tree Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. The first oil is proven to be effective in many studies to be able to fight nail fungus and it is even used separately to treat this condition as a home remedy. Sunflower Seed oil is a great source for fatty acids and Vitamins such as A, D and E so it can be beneficial for treating nail fungus infection too.

Are there any Side Effects?

In case you are worried about potential side effects of PurNail tropical solution you shouldn’t be. This is because there are no ingredients included in formulation that would be harmful to your health. Also from the many testimonials of this treatment online, no user reported of any side effects. Due to these facts it can be assumed that PurNail is a safe treatment and shouldn’t cause side effects for most of the users.

What do consumer reviews say?

While PurNail is not as popular Nail Fungus treatment as others reviewed in this website it can be said that it has quite positive reviews from users. Almost all users confirm that they noticed improvement in their nail condition while others even report on having more significant results. Read a few reviews from actual users of PurNail bellow.


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Directions on how to use it.

In order to get the best results from PurNail, this treatment should be applied on your nails two times daily. Before applying this remedy you should wash the affected area and make it dry using a towel. By using the brush provided apply a small amount of PurNail on affected nail so that it would get spread equally. Then wait until the area gets dry, which will ensure that the treatment is completely absorbed. Continue this twice daily until the infection is fully treated.

Where to buy PurNail and What is the Price?

buy-PurNailAt the moment it is not possible to buy PurNail in local stores, you can only order it online on either Amazon or official website. You will also not found it on popular online websites like Walgreens or Walmart. At the moment the price of this nail fungus treatment is ~$59.95 for one bottle. You can also buy it on the official website of PurNail, but it is a bit more expensive to buy it from there. It is also worthwhile to mention that PurNail comes with money back guarantee so it is risk free for 60 days.

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Should you try PurNail for Treatment of Nail Fungus?

In general PurNail seems like a good topical solution for nail fungus and most user testimonials confirm that it works even if a bit slow at times. However before making a decision about this product it is worthwhile to compare Purnail to other similar OTC treatments.

From ingredients that are included in formulation of this product it can be said that PurNail is quite similar to other popular nail fungus treatments – Funginix and ZetaClear. The active ingredient Undecylenic Acid is the same in all of these mentioned remedies; however both ZetaClear and Funginix seem to have a much larger list of inactive ingredients. You can find more than 20 inactive ingredients in ZetaClear and Funginix, while PurNail has only about ten. Due to this it can be said that other over the counter products have a bit better formulations, so they might work with a bit better success rate.

When it comes to price it can be said that PurNail is not the cheapest topical solution for fighting toenail fungus. One bottle of this product is priced at $59.95 on Amazon and you can buy one bottle of Funginix and ZetaClear for as little as $49.95. Since ZetaClear offers two products for the same price it can be said that this remedy has the most competitive price.

The other thing to keep in mind then comparing these products is feedback from consumers. It can be said that all of these mentioned topical solutions have quite similar feedback from users so it might be a good idea to pay attention to other criteria when choosing between these OTC products.

Considering all these mentioned facts our recommendation would be to try either ZetaClear or Funginix treatments, since they are priced more reasonably and have a bit better formulations.