Natural Oils for Nail Fungus Treatment.

In case you are looking for a way how to treat nail fungus at a comfort of your home there are many natural oils that can help you get rid of this condition. Since all of these oils are natural you do not need to worry about potential side effects. While it is probably not the fastest way to treat this condition many people find success after patiently applying these oils on their nails. Bellow you can find a list of some of the most popular and recognized oils for treating nail fungus infections.

1. Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus.

tea-tree-oil-toenail-fungusTea Tree Oil is probably one of the most popular oils that is used for treatment of nail fungus. The reason why it works so well is because this oil has antifungal and antiseptic features. There were also a couple of studies, which confirmed this oils effectiveness in treating this condition. One particular study showed that 100% Tea Tree Oil was able to completely cure nail fungus infection for 18% of participants. Other participants either noticed improvement in appearance of their nails within three or six months of usage. However it is worthwhile to mention that low concentrations of Tea Tree Oil are less effective so it is best to choose higher dosages to make it more effective treatment. Since Tea Tree Oil is one of the most effective oils for treating nail fungus there are also many OTC remedies that include it in formulation. A few examples could be ZetaClear, Funginix and others. So you can get some benefits of this oil by using one of these OTC treatments too.

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2. Coconut Oil and ToeNail Fungus.

coconut-oil-for-fungusCoconut Oil is quite a popular home remedy for treating nail fungus. One of the studies that was done in year 2007 showed that Coconut oil is capable of killing different types of fungus. It is thought that fatty acids, which are found in this oil, are able to stop the production of a compound called citrinin. This compound is what allows fungus to get deeply into your skin, so by inhibiting the production of citrinin, Coconut oil can help to treat nail fungus. The other explanation why Coconut oil is beneficial for treating this condition is because it contains lauric acid. When this acid is transformed into monolaurin it is thought to be capable of killing fungus.

In order to use Coconut oil for a treatment simply rub some oil onto affected area and leave it until it is dry and absorbed completely. For the best results you should repeat this process for 2-3 times per day.

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3. Thyme Oil for Nail Fungus.

natural-fungus-treatment-thyme-oilThyme Oil has been used by people for many years and also for many different purposes. In addition to its culinary use it is also used for medical purposes. One of the uses for Thyme Oil is for treating nail fungus. According to a few different studies it has antifungal effects and due to this works for treating this condition. One particular study, which tested what makes Vicks Vapor Rub an effective home remedy for nail fungus found that one of the most effective components in this rub was Thymol. While most research on Thymol and Thyme Oil for nail fungus treatment is positive there is still not sufficient proof to recognize it as remedy for this condition. Despite that many people give this remedy a try and quite often get quite good results within time. In order to use it for the treatment you can either apply Vicks Vapor Rub or a few drops of Thyme oil alone a few times per day.

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4. Oregano Oil.

oregano-oilOregano Oil is another popular remedy for treating infections of nail fungus. According to one study carvacrol component, which is found in Oregano oil has antifungal features. The other research those aim was to compare different oils effectiveness for treatment of nail fungus showed that Oregano oil is one of the most effective oils for this infection. This is because it was effective for the most different species of fungal. To use it for treatment simply apply a few drops of oregano oil on affected nails two or three times per day. According to most users reviews results are usually noticeable within three months of usage.

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No matter which of these oils you might choose to use for treatment of nail fungus it is important to stay patient and keep applying a remedy on a daily bases. Also even though you might notice improvement within a month, continue to use an oil until fungus is completely gone. This is important because fungus infection is contagious and might reoccur if it’s not completely treated.