Kerasal Nail review.

What you should know about Kerasal?

Kerasal-nail-treatment-reviewKerasal is a tropical solution designed to renew the appearance of nails that are affected by psoriasis or fungus infection. It works by minimizing nail discoloration, decreasing thickness and providing more hydration for nails that are brittle.

According to manufacturer of Kerasal this solution is effective for 92% of users and 77% of them start noticing improvement within just two weeks of usage. While first results are usually seen with a matter of a couple of weeks, the full treatment might last for up to 6 months. These numbers are based on company’s clinical studies that included more than 500 participants and were done in order to investigate how effective this remedy was for treating this condition.

What ingredients are included?

There are a total of 5 ingredients included in Kerasal nail solution, which are all considered to be safe and effective for treating nail fungus. You will not find any unnecessary or dangerous components in formulation so you do not need to worry about side effects either. The main ingredients in formulation are Lactic acid and urea, which works by penetrating the nails and restoring healthy look. Other component like Propylene Glycol provides hydration and softening benefits to thick nails. You can find a full list of ingredients in Kerasal and how they work bellow.

  • Lactic Acid doesn’t allow for fungus to grow further by lowering the pH of affected nails environment.
  • Urea works by softening the nail, so that unhealthy nail would be removed easier.
  • Sodium Hydroxide is commonly used kill nail root, so that it would be easier to remove an old nail.
  • Propylene Glycol┬áis commonly included in various creams, liquids, sprays as an emulsifier.
  • Other ingredients: water.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Kerasal is proven to work in clinical studies for up to 92% of users;
  • While the first results are usually seen within just 2 weeks of usage you would need to use this treatment for 3-6 months to completely heal your nails;
  • Ingredients in formulation work by reducing discoloration, thickness and providing a much healthier appearance of nails.
  • Most user testimonials give positive feedback about Kerasal, which is a good indication that it works for most people;
  • Very reasonably priced and you can buy it in most local stores or popular online website;

What do consumer reviews say?

From the reviews of Kerasal that you can find online it can be said that this product is able to live up to its advertising claims. While it doesn’t work for 100% users, most consumers definitely notice improvement in their nails. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Kerasal solution bellow.


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How to use it?

Kerasal is quite an easy to use treatment and doesn’t require much timer from its users. It is enough to apply Kerasal only once per day, most preferably before going to bed. A small layer of solution should be applied on affected nails and under a nail using tip applicator. After that simply wait for it to dry completely and go to bed. It is worthwhile to mention that just like any OTC nail fungus treatment Kerasal requires commitment and regular usage. If you expect to get results overnight or only applying it on some days, this product might be not the right solution for you.

Where to buy Kerasal Nail and what is the Price?


In case you want to buy this Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment you can find it in many local stores or popular online sites like Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart and etc. At the moment the price of Kerasal is only ~$21 on Amazon. The treatment comes in a 10 ml tube and according to manufacturer it is enough to use it for up to three months on up to 3 nails. Depending on how severe your condition is you might need to buy at least a few of these treatments.

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