Hydrogen Peroxide and ToeNail Fungus.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

The composition of Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) only consists of water and oxygen so its chemical formula is H2O2. It is a strong oxidizer and when it interacts with other materials it splits into water and oxygen.

Depending on the concentration of this peroxide it can be used for health and beauty purposes (6%), for removing stains and cleaning (higher concentrations), teeth bleaching and more. There are so many different uses of HP that it can be found in almost any house. One interesting fact about HP that you might want to know is that in concentration of 90% it is even used as a rocket fuel. In case you want to use this peroxide for medical purposes you can easily buy it in concentration of 3% in any local supermarket or drugstore.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide work for Toenail Fungus?

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for nail fungus treatment is quite commonly referred to as oxidation therapy. This term is used because when HP is applied on the skin it starts to kill various microorganisms by oxidizing them. So when this peroxide is applied on infected nail or skin it has the ability to eliminate both fungus and bacteria through this process. One of the main issues with using HP or other remedies for toenail fungus is that it can be quite difficult to penetrate this peroxide through nail deep enough to eliminate all the fungus. Due to this it is necessary to be persistent with using HP and soak your affected nails daily for about 30 minutes.

hydrogen-peroxide-nail-fungusBefore considering trying this remedy for treatment of toenail fungus it is important to choose only Hydrogen Peroxide that comes in lower concentrations. This is important because long term application of peroxide in higher concentrations than 3% on the skin is not safe and might result in side effects. Also since there are no direct studies done on Hydrogen Peroxide effectiveness for treating toenail fungus there is no guarantee that it will work for you. However since this remedy is very cheap many people still choose to try it based on other people stories and experience.

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How to Use it Nail Fungus?

The first method how you can use Hydrogen Peroxide for treating toenail infection is to soak your affected nails into HP (3%) solution daily a few times per day. It is also worthwhile to mention that you should clean the area before applying HP on your skin & nail. After application of this peroxide it is also important to allow the area to dry completely before adding a bandage or something similar. Also since HP might cause irritation of the skin for some people a good way to avoid this side effect is to mix it with equal amounts of water. Even though it will reduce effectiveness of this remedy a little bit, it will also minimize the chances of causing irritation on the skin too. So it might be worthwhile to consider this alternative.

The other way how you can use Hydrogen Peroxide for nail fungus is to mix it with Vinegar (5%), which will improve effectiveness of this treatment. To make a remedy from these two substances you should use equal amounts of both of them. After you make a mixture, you should soak your affected nails with this solution and allow it to dry completely.

In case you will choose to use any of these mentioned methods it is important to be committed and apply HP on the daily bases. For the best results your affected nails should be soaked into Hydrogen Peroxide for about 30 minutes daily. So you can either apply it two times per day for 15 minutes or one time for 30 minutes.

Are there any Side Effects?

As it was mentioned previously Hydrogen Peroxide can cause side effects for some people and due to this some sources don’t recommend using it as a remedy for toenail fungus treatment. Some of the most common side effects associated with using HP on the skin include stinging, irritation and redness. In case you experience any of these mentioned negative effects you should either stop using Hydrogen Peroxide or dilute it with water to decrease its strength. While usage of HP rarely results in allergic reaction it is possible that some people might experience it. Some of the symptoms of allergic reaction to this peroxide include itching, rash and swelling. In case you notice any of these signs you should stop applying HP on your skin and consult with your healthcare provider.