EmoniNail Review.

What is EmoniNail and how does it work?

EmoniNail-Fungus-TreatmentEmoniNail is a topical solution designed to work effectively to treat fungus, which is either present in toenails or nails. When this OTC treatment is applied directly on affected nail it penetrates into the plate and starts to fight fungus, which is present in the nail bed. The main reason why this topical solution is able to fight fungus is because it contains strong anti-fungal agents. Some of the ingredients that are included in formulation of EmoniNail include Tea Tree and Sunflower Seed Oils as well as Undecylenic Acid. These components were specifically selected for their ability to penetrate into areas that fungus is present and completely eliminate it from the nail.

What ingredients are included?

Based on the label of EmoniNail, formulation of this over the counter Nail Fungus Treatment consists of three main ingredients. The first one is Undecylenic Acid, which is effective anti-fungal and it is even approved by FDA for treating this condition. Furthermore there are also two essential oils included in EmoniNail, which are Sunflower Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil. The first oil (Sunflower Seed Oil) is useful for treating this condition because it is a rich source for fatty acids and vitamins like A, E and D. Tea Tree Oil on the other hand is a common ingredient in most OTC treatments for toenail fungus since it has anti-fungal properties. In fact many people use this essential oil as a home remedy for this condition and in most cases have quite good results.

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • Formulation of this solution contains FDA approved ingredient for Nail Fungus, which is Undecylenic Acid. Due to this you can be sure that EmoniNail will work for most users. Furthermore formulation of this treatment consists of a few essential oils like Tea Tree Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. Both of these oils are beneficial for treating toenail fungus too;
  • If you are looking for safe and natural treatment for Nail Fungus, EmoniNail can be a great choice product for you;
  • EmoniNail is made in FDA registered laboratory so you can be sure about the quality of ingredients included and this whole product;
  • Since this treatment comes together with a topical brush it is extremely easy to apply it to your nails. Also since you only need to apply this solution two times per day it will only take you a couple of minutes daily;
  • EmoniNail comes with 60 days money back guarantee so you can get your money back in case this treatment doesn’t work for you;

The Main Cons:

  • EmoniNail is not a very popular OTC treatment for toenail fungus yet, so there is not much feedback available from actual users that would confirm its effectiveness;
  • Based on the price of EmoniNail it can be said that it doesn’t offer the best value for money when compared with similar products. However you can reduce the price greatly by choosing a more advanced package of this topical solution.

Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects are not something you should be concerned too much about in case you want to try this OTC Nail Fungus Treatment. This is because there are only three main ingredients in formulation of this solution and they are all completely natural. It is worthwhile to mention that manufacturer of EmoniNail states that their product is completely safe to use and there doesn’t seem to be any complaints from users in terms of side effects either. Based on these facts it can be assumed that EmoniNail is side effects free product and will not cause any dangers to your health.

What costumer reviews say?

Since EmoniNail is still quite new Nail Fungus Treatment you will not find many consumer testimonials about this product. Due to this it is difficult to tell whether it works with high success rate or not. Read a few consumer reviews of EmoniNail bellow.


For more consumer reviews of EmoniNail visit Amazon page here.

Instructions on How to use it.

The usage of EmoniNail solution is quite simple and it doesn’t require much time daily. Before application of this treatment it is important to prepare your infected nails so that this solution would be able to work more effectively. One important step to follow is to file and cut all infected nails. This will help to minimize mass of your nails and help EmoniNail to penetrate deeper to areas that are affected by fungi. The other useful step to follow is to wash infected area with warm water and then dry it throughout. After these two steps are completed you can apply EmoniNail on affected nails and let them dry. For the best results you should repeat this procedure two times per day until infection is completely cured and old nails are replaced with new and healthy ones.

Where to buy EmoniNail and what is the Price?

buy-EmoniNailIn case you decided to try EmoniNail solution you can easily buy this product online. At the moment it is not possible to buy it from stores like Walmart or Walgreens, but you can purchase it from websites like Amazon and official website online. The price of this Nail Fungus solution depends on how many bottles you will choose to buy. For instance at the moment one bottle is priced at $52.3, three bottles at $108.3 and five month supply is just $171.25 on Amazon. Since in most cases it is not enough to use OTC nail fungus treatments for one month to completely get rid of fungus you should definitely consider at least three bottle package and save some money in the long term.

Find EmoniNail on Amazon.

Should you try EmoniNail?

When we compare formulation of EmoniNail with other over the counter treatments it can be said that it contains far less ingredients (only three). Other similar products like Funginix and ZetaClear contains more than twenty different components in formulation. However since the number of different ingredients doesn’t necessary mean that it will work with lower success rate it is hard to say which of these mentioned treatments would work more effectively based on formulation.

When we compare price of EmoniNail with other treatments it can be said it is not the cheapest product available. The price for this OTC treatment is about $52 for one bottle; however there are also discounts on multiple bottle packages. Other similar nail fungus solutions (ZetaClear and Funginix) are a bit cheaper (less than $50 for one month supply) so it might be worthwhile to consider them instead.

Since EmoniNail is not a very popular OTC product for this condition yet, it is hard to evaluate how effectively it actually works. At the moment you can only find a couple of consumer testimonials, which states that they noticed improvement in their condition after using this product. Other similar products reviewed in this website (Funginix and ZetaClear) are available for many years already so there are hundreds of consumer testimonials confirming that they actually work. Based on all these mentioned facts our recommendation would be to try either ZetaClear or Funginix, since they have a better formulation, are cheaper and there is more proof that they work with high success rate.