ZetaClear review.

What you should know about ZetaClear?

Zetaclear-logoZetaClear is a two-step product combined of homeopathic spray and tropical nail solution. The spray is used orally and it is formulated from homeopathic ingredients that can help to fight fungus from the inside. The other product – tropical nail solution is applied directly on affected nails and works from the outside. This product is formulated from Undecylenic Acid and some natural oils like Jojoba, Tea Tree oil and Vitamin E oil, which all have some anti-fungal properties. It can be said that ZetaClear is one of the most popular OTC products for nail fungus. By using this product most users are able to either completely get rid of nail fungus or at least improve their nail condition.

What ingredients are included?

ZetaClear-tropical-solution-ingredientsIt can be said that ingredients that are included in ZetaClear tropical solution are very well selected for their effectiveness and as a whole a product will definitely work well for most users. The main component in formulation is Undecylenic Acid (FDA approved ingredient) and 6 natural oils with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties. In fact you can find quite a lot of resources online confirming effectiveness of ingredients like Vitamin E oil, Tea Tree oil, Undecylenic Acid for treating nail fungus. It is a bit more difficult to evaluate effectiveness of ZetaClear Spray since it consists of homeopathic ingredients, but it can be said that they are mostly aimed at reducing symptoms of fungus and treating discoloration of nails. You can find more detailed review of ZetaClear ingredients in this article.

Is ZetaClear a Scam and how long does it take to work?

ZetaClear is definitely not a scam product. This is because this product has a formulation of well selected ingredients for nail fungus and also many users confirm its effectiveness. While it is true that it doesn’t work for all people there is no product that would work 100% either. In fact all OTC products that are aimed at treating nail fungus usually work only with ~60%-85% success rate. The problem is that nail fungus is quite a complicated condition and it requires a lot of time to be completely cured.

According to manufacturer of ZetaClear and many user testimonials of this product it can be said that this isn’t some overnight treatment and it requires time to see results. In most cases first improvement in nail appearance are noticed within two weeks or a month of usage. And to completely cure your nails from fungus you might need to use this product for at least a couple of months.

Are there any Side Effects?

In general it can be said that ZetaClear is side effects free product, since there are no strong ingredients in formulation that would be potentially dangerous to your health. Also there doesn’t seem to be any complaints from users in terms of side effects either. Nevertheless the label of this product suggests consulting with a doctor before using this nail fungus treatment for women who are pregnant or children under 12 years age.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Tropical solution of this treatment combines some of the most effective ingredients for nail fungus like Tea Tree Oil, Undecylenic Acid, Vitamin E Oil so it should definitely work for most users;
  • All components in both products of this solution are natural and will not cause any side effects;
  • ZetaClear works from both inside and outside so it help to fight fungus more efficiently;
  • Many users that tried this nail fungus solution report that it actually works;
  • Can be used to treat nail fungus on both hands and feet;
  • Very reasonably priced compared to other nail fungus treatments and also considering a fact that it is two products in one.

What do consumer reviews say?

Due to popularity of ZetaClear products there are also many reviews and user testimonials that you can find online. It can be said that feedback is mostly positive and it definitely works for most people; however just like with any OTC nail fungus treatment there are also some negative testimonials stating that it didn’t work for them. Read a few actual costumer reviews of ZetaClear bellow.


For more consumer reviews of ZetaClear solution, visit the official page here.

How to use it?

Since ZetaClear is combined of two products it is important to follow instructions provided in the package for the best effectiveness. A spray should be used orally by spraying it under your tongue three times per day. The other product – tropical solution should be applied directly on affected nails using a brush three times per day too.

Where to buy ZetaClear and what is the Price?

Despite the fact that ZetaClear is a popular product for nail fungus you will not find it in local stores nor on popular online sites like Walmart or Walgreens. In case you are interested in trying ZetaClear solution you can buy it directly from the official website online. Each package of this product includes spray and tropical solution so you would be basically getting two products for the price of one. At the moment you can find three different offers for this product when you visit the official website of ZetaClear. The prices of these offers are listed below.


  • 1 package – $49.95;
  • 2 packages plus one for free – $99.95 (save ~$50);
  • 3 packages plus one for free – $149.95 (save $150);

Visit the official page of ZetaClear.

It is also worthwhile to mention that you can buy ZetaClear even though you live outside of USA. The manufacturer of this nail fungus treatment offers shipping to Australia, UK, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and many other countries.

ZetaClear ingredients.

One of the best ways to choose the most effective nail fungus product is to look at the list of ingredients included. Due to the fact that ZetaClear is a two-step product it is worthwhile to look at both product formulations in order to better understand how it works. The formulation of ZetaClear topical solution consists of a total of 7 different ingredients. The main component in this product is Undecylenic Acid and 6 natural oils, which are all known to have some anti-fungal properties. After reviewing all of these ingredients it can be said that they were quite well selected and as a combination should definitely work effectively to treat nail fungus for most people.

The other product of ZetaClear is a homeopathic oral spray, which consists of a total of 6 main ingredients. A combination of these ingredients is designed to work from the inside and help you fight nail fungus more effectively. While it is quite difficult to evaluate effectiveness of any homeopathic remedy it can be that using this spray alone would probably not cure your condition or it would take a lot of time to do so. However when it is used in combination of ZetaClear nail solution this spray can definitely speed up your treatment time by fighting fungus from both inside and outside. It is also worthwhile to mention that all of the ingredients found in both of these products are natural and will not cause any side effects. You can find a full list of ingredients in both ZetaClear products and how they work bellow.

Ingredients in ZetaClear Nails Solution.

  • ingredients-in-zetaclear-nail-solutionUndecylenic Acid. This is ingredient is one of a few components that are actually approved by FDA for treating both toenail and finger fungus. The main reason why it works is because it has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features. It can be used alone or it can be found in many OTC remedies for this condition.
  • Clove Oil is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-fungal features so it is no surprise why it is included in ZetaClear formulation.
  • Lemongrass Oil. This oil has antiseptic properties, which can be effective in killing bacteria that cause fungus.
  • Vitamin E Oil is quite commonly used as a home remedy for treating nail fungus. The main reason why it is thought to be effective for this condition is because it contains high levels of antioxidants. Due to this it can enchase healing of affected skin and promote new healthy nails.
  • Jojoba Oil. While this oil doesn’t have very strong anti-fungal properties like tea tree oil it is a great moisturizer and can improve condition of affected skin.
  • Almond Oil con provide your skin with fatty acids and it is also rich source of vitamins; therefore it can be beneficial in treating many inflammation conditions and skin problems.
  • Tea Tree Oil is one of the best rated oils when it comes to treating nail fungus. In fact you can find many resources online that suggest using it as a natural home remedy for getting rid of this condition. Also there are quite a lot of testimonials of users who claim that they noticed improvement after using this oil. Tea tree oil works for this condition because there are compounds in this oil that can kill fungus and bacteria.

Visit the official page of ZetaClear.

Ingredients in ZetaClear Oral Spray.

  • ZetaClear-spray-ingredientsAntimonium Curdum (200C). This homeopathic ingredient can help to eliminate discoloration of nails and minimize sensitivity under your nails.
  • Mancinella (30C). This component can be effective in minimizing discoloration of nails.
  • Nitricum Acidum (30C). This homeopathic ingredient is effective in minimizing pain, burning sensation as well as soreness. Furthermore Nitricum can lessen sweating of both feet and hands.
  • Sulphur (12X) is mainly included in ZetaClear spray for its anti-itch and antiseptic features. Due to these features it is also quite commonly used for treating nail ulcers and minimizing feet itching.
  • Thuja Occidentalis (200C). While this ingredient is more commonly used for wart treatment it can also greatly improve the health of your nails.
  • Arsenicum Album (200C). This ingredient can be helpful in treating nail discolorations and it is quite commonly included in remedies that are aimed at treating skin related conditions like warts.

Other ingredients (inactive): Purified water & Alcohol (20%).

Where to buy ZetaClear.

Should you buy ZetaClear?

Due to the fact that Nail Fungus is a common problem that many people suffer from there are also a lot treatments available for this condition. All OTC products for nail fungus are formulated quite similarly and include similar ingredients in formulation with only small differences. Despite offering similar formulations some of them work better than others. So before choosing a particular OTC treatment it is worthwhile to compare these products and choose the one with the best formulation or the most positive user testimonials. It is important to pay attention to consumer feedback since sometimes products with even better ingredients might provide users with worse results.

When it comes to ZetaClear product in this website we ranked it in the second place because it includes some of the most effective ingredients for treating nail fungus, it has mostly positive reviews from users and its one of the cheapest OTC products. The only issue with this nail fungus remedy is that it doesn’t work for 100% users and it requires at least a month of usage to see results. However since this is the case with all OTC treatments for nail fungus, it is definitely one of the best choices for this condition.

What you should know before buying.

Despite the fact that it is possible to buy ZetaClear from different websites online it is always best to order it directly from the official website. This way you will be sure that you have purchased an original product with all the guaranties. It is worthwhile to mention that ZetaClear comes with 90 money back guarantee for unopened bottles. This guarantee is quite useful in cases when you order more advanced packages (can return unused bottles if it doesn’t work for you) or when you receive a product that is damaged or with broken seal. Also since manufacturer of ZetaClear offers huge discounts on multiple package purchases you can greatly reduce the price of this nail fungus treatment when buying directly from official website online.

What is the price of ZetaClear?

The price of this Nail Fungus treatment depends on which package you will choose to buy. When you will visit the official website of ZetaClear you will be able to choose from three different packages. It is worthwhile to consider buying more advanced package, since it will allow you to greatly reduce the price of this treatment per month. The available packages and their prices are listed below.

  • 1 month supply – $49.95;buy-ZetaClear-Nail-Fungus-Treatment
  • 2 month supply plus one package for free – $99.95;
  • 3 month supply plus three packages for free – $149.95.

Visit the official site of ZetaClear.

As it was mentioned previously this treatment often requires a couple of months of usage, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider ordering at least a few bottles of ZetaClear. This way you will be able to continue treatment for a couple of months, which will ensure better results and allow you to save some money in long term.

Where can you buy it?

In case you want to know whether it is possible to buy ZetaClear outside of USA, the answer is definitely YES. When you order this nail fungus treatment directly from official website online the manufacturer of this product offers international shipping. This means that you can buy it if you live in Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other countries. The price of shipping depends on your preferred shipping time since there is an option to choose regular and rush shipping time.