Best OTC Nail Fungus Treatments

Since Nail Fungus is a common issue that many people face there are also many different over the counter products that are aimed at treating it. Even though most of these topical solutions for toenail fungus are quite similar in terms of formulations, some of them seem to work better than the others. Bellow we provided a list of some of the most effective and widely used OTC products for Nail Fungus. We listed these topical solutions based on consumer feedback, price, formulations and other factors.

#1. Recommended Nail Fungus Treatment – Funginix.

Funginix-Nail-Fungus-TreatmentBased on consumer testimonials it can be said that Funginix has one of the highest success rates when compared with other similar over the counter treatments. Since actual user testimonials are very important when choosing a particular product we listed this topical solution in the first place. The main reason why Funginix works with high success rate is because it has a very well-selected formulation. Some of the ingredients in this treatment are Undecylenic Acid, Campor, Tea Tree Oil, Lanvender Oil and many others. If you will do a short research online you will find that all of these mentioned components are effective anti-fungals and are even used separately to treat nail fungus. In most cases Funginix works quite fast and you will start seeing first results within just a few weeks’ time.

The Main Pros:

  • You can find quite a lot of positive testimonials online confirming that Funginix actually works for toenail fungus;
  • Formulation of Funginix contains Undecylenic Acid (10%), which is a strong anti-fungal and it is also approved by FDA to be effective for treating nail fungus. In addition to that this topical solution contains a huge list of essential oils (Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil) and other effective anti-fungals like Camphor and Aloe Barbadensis Juice. There are also some ingredients included that are beneficial for nails and skin too.
  • Based on most consumer testimonials it can be said that Funginix works fast and you can expect to see improvement in your nail appearance within just a few week time. Despite that in order to completely eliminate fungus you might need to use for a couple of months;
  • Funginix is backed up by 60 days money back guarantee, so you can get refund in case this treatment doesn’t work for you.
  • There are no known reports from users of Funginix in terms of side effects, which is a good indication that it is completely safe to use;
  • It can be said that Funginix is quite reasonably priced and you can buy one bottle of this treatment for just $49.95. Also it is worthwhile to mention that there are huge discounts available for multiple month supply, so you can save a lot by choosing more advanced packages;

Visit the official website of Funginix.

#2. ZetaClear.

zetaclear-productsZetaClear is another popular and well rated over the counter treatment that is aimed at eliminating toenail fungus. One unique thing about ZetaClear is that it offers a two-step product for this condition. In addition to topical solution you will also get a homeopathic spray, which you need to spray under your tongue a few times per day. Based on consumer testimonials it can be said that Zetaclear definitely works for most people and it works with quite high success rate. When it comes to formulation it can be said that Zetaclear contains well selected ingredients too. You can find antifungals like Undercylenic Acid (10%), Jojoba Oil, Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil and many others. Since all ingredients in this solution are essential oils, herbal extracts or natural components you do not need to worry about side effects if you want to try Zetaclear.

The Main Benefits:

  • Unlike other OTC products for this condition ZetaClear offers two products, which includes homeopathic spray and topical solution. Since it works from both inside and outside it can help to fight fungus more effectively;
  • Zetaclear topical solution contains some of the most effective ingredients for nail fungus including Undecylenic Acid (10%), Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lemongrass Oil and others. Since this solution contains quite a lot of anti-fungals you can be sure that it will work with high success rate;
  • Based on consumer testimonials, it can be said that ZetaClear works quite fast and you can expect first improvements in appearance of your nails within just 2-4 week time;
  • Since this product is available for a while already you can find quite a lot of user testimonials confirming that it actually works and with high success rate;
  • Since there are only natural ingredients in both Zetaclear products it is highly unlikely that you will experience any side effects;
  • Zetaclear products are backed up by money back guarantee (90 days) so in case it will not work for you, you can get a refund;
  • Considering the fact that Zetaclear offers two products for $49.95 it can be said that it offers the best value for money when compared with similar products. Also there are discounts available for more advanced packages of Zetaclear so you can save a lot in the long term by choosing at least few month supply;

Official website of ZetaClear.

#3. Purnail.

PurNail-Fungus-Treatment-reviewPurnail is another great choice over the counter product, which is aimed at treating toenail fungus. This treatment also contains Undercylenic Acid (10%) so it is quite similar to other topical solutions reviewed in this article. The main difference between these products can be found in formulations of inactive ingredients. When it comes to Purnail the main inactive ingredients in this treatment are Sunflower Seed Oil as well as Tea Tree Oil. The first mentioned oil is beneficial for nails and skin and Tea Tree Oil is quite a popular remedy for this condition since it has anti-fungal properties. It can be said that Purnail has quite positive feedback from its users so it is definitely worthwhile to consider this OTC product too.

The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • The main ingredient in this treatment is Undecylenic Acid (10%) and two essential oils – Tea Tree Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. It can be said that these ingredients are well-selected for this particular condition, so it should definitely work for most users;
  • Since Purnail is available for a while already you can find plenty of costumer testimonials online confirming that it actually works for nail fungus and with quite a high success rate;
  • Just like other treatments reviewed in this article, Purnail is very easy to use and you need to apply it on affected nails only two times per day;
  • Based on consumer testimonials it can be said that first results of using Purnail are visible within a few weeks’ time, but in most cases it is necessary to continue using it for 2-6 months;
  • There doesn’t seem to be any reports in terms of side effects, so it is a good indication that Purnail doesn’t cause any negative effects if used according to directions;
  • Purnail is backed up by 60 days money back guarantee, so you are not risking anything by trying this product.

The Main Cons:

  • Purnail is not the cheapest nail fungus treatment available even though it doesn’t offer a better formulation or more solution in the bottle. However the difference in price between Purnail and other mentioned treatments is only a couple of dollars so it might be not very important for most users;
  • When compared with other treatments reviewed in this article it can be said that formulation of Purnail consists of far less ingredients. However that does not necessary mean that this solution works less effectively.

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